Welcome to the Ohio County Clerk's Office! Our goal is to provide the citizens of Ohio County and the general public with quality service in the areas of Document Recording, Vital Statistics and Fiduciary and Probate, as detailed on this website.

County Clerk:   Michael E. Kelly



MAY 18, 2020


PLEASE NOTE that all persons entering the Courthouse will be required to wear a face mask, before being granted access.

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The rules for the Ohio County Clerk's Offce are below.

We also reserve the right to limit the number in our Office for the purpose of complying with social distance rules; a group of people are not considered as "one".

Please note the Office will accept and reserve a time for couples who appear for a marriage license; if you have a reservation, we will serve you first. Because of social distance rules, we request that couples come without other family members, as they will have to wait in the hallway that DOES NOT HAVE chairs or tables.

Please carefully review the following operating rules for the Clerk's Office and if you are in charge of a group of employees, please share this with them. Their failure to comply with the rules is your problem, not ours.

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1.     The records room will be available as follows:

  • There will be 6 tables available; one table one examiner (no "teams")
  • Tables available ONLY by RESERVATION (no longer first to arrive). Clerk's Office will accept appointments ONLY by phone.
  • The table is reserved for a 2 hour period, then the examiner (which includes attorney's) must leave immediately. If the table has not been reserved for the next 2 hour shift, the examiner may stay BUT that won't be known until AT THAT TIME.
  • All individuals in the Office must wear a mask covering mouth and nose, to be admitted (mask must securely fit over the mouth and nose or it will not be considered a mask) and the same must be worn at all times in the Office.
  • Examiners will NOT BE PERMITTED to connect their laptops or cell phones, etc. to electrical outlets in the Office.
  • The courthouse hallway WILL NOT HAVE tables or power cords. Your stay in the records room is for only 2 hours; make sure that your devices are powered-up before you arrive.
  • We ask that you keep your distance from others and have conversations outside in the fresh air.

2.     The "hours of availability" are as follows:

8:35 am to 10:35 am

10:40 am to 12:40 pm

12:45 pm to 2:45 pm

2:50 pm to 4:50 pm

Call 304-234-3656 ahead of time, to MAKE A RESERVATION.

PLEASE NOTE: you must be OUT OF THE ROOM when the time ends; have your belongings gathered BEFORE your time runs out.

Failure to comply WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE RULES may cause your denial for a future reservation / access to the records room.

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Services Provided by the Ohio County Clerk's Office:


  •  Document Recording
    • Maintain records of deeds, deeds of trust, leases, liens, releases, military discharge and various other documents
    • Issue certified copies of documents
    • Maintain an electronic database of these records. The database is available to the public. The public can access the database remotely through this website or from computer terminals in our Office.
  • Vital Statistics 
    • Record and index births, marriages and deaths in Ohio County
    • Take applications for Marriage Licenses
    • Issue certified copies of these vital documents
  • Fiduciary and Probate
    • Record and probate Wills, file appraisements and settlements
    • Appoint fiduciaries in estate matters
    • Issue certified copies of Letters of Appointment


Hours of Operation:

        Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. As you review this site, please note limited hours which documents may be recorded, marriage licenses may be obtained, and vital documents may be obtained.

Please contact our Office at

(304) 234-3656

for any additional information



Click link above for document inquiry.

NOTE: Please go to the Document Inquiry Tab to view system requirements.