Ohio County Clerk's Office

Small Estate Procedures & Affidavit Form


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1) This form must be completed.  You must use proper names, identify all heirs/beneficiaries, and provide addresses.  You must include the dollar amount, special bequest item, and/or percentage each heir/beneficiary is to receive.

2) You must identify bank accounts as:

    (a) name of the financial institution

    (b) identify the type of account (ie: savings account, checking             account, etc)

    (c) provide the account number; and

    (d) the value of the account on the Decedent's date of death

3) If the Decedent owned a car, you must provide the make, model, year and vehicle identification number.  Remember to provide a value for the car.

4) If the Decedent owned real estate, you need to provide a legal description and a value of the property.  A legal description can be obtained from a tax ticket for the real estate (go to www.wvpropertytaxes.com and follow the instructions) or possibly from the county assessor's web-site (especially its GIS map program). You do not have to have a professional appraisal, but it is your choice.

REMEMBER:     you must identify all probate assests that you want to take contol over.  The bank, or DMV, or other business that you plan to present your "Small Estate Certificate and Authorization," will want you to be specific in identifying the assest.  If you have to come back to the Clerk's Office for a revised "Small Estate Certificate and Authorization" form, you will be required to re-do the Affidavit and you will have to pay all recording and mailing fees again (notices will be sent out again).